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Zan – Enlightened Seduction : The Way of The Natural


Published on: December 14, 2020
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This person Zan uses a completely different way of picking up.Best you see for yourself. It does seem to be very different from MM or AM for that matter.

There’s a subset of men who move among women with ease.

These men are those who have learned the ability to see women in their natural state, who can see right through their makeup, their walls, their insecurities and their loss.

They see women as they really are.

We all know a natural, someone who has a natural facility with women and who is comfortable in the land of women.

Why is it that some men seem to have an aura, a presence, a way of drawing women into their reality?

What is it that sets these men apart from you? Can it be analyzed and described? Can it be taught? Can it be learned?

In this eye-opening volume, you will discover the traits common to all natural seducers. Every man in history who was good with women had all of these traits.

And interestingly enough, no other men have any of these traits. You either have all of them or none of them.

For the first time ever, this video will enable you to catch a glimpse into the mindset of a Natural.

These traits have never described before, and yet they are the very essence of true, enlightened seduction – the secrets that Naturals throughout history have always known.


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